I see you, darling. 

I see you showing up for yourself, again and again, trying to carve out time for your yoga &

self-care practices.


Whether it be enthusiastically trying out a new yoga class, but ending up just feeling like you're not "flexible enough" or "thin enough" or "fit enough" -- or you just can't find the time!

Or you enthusiastically pull out your yoga mat & intentionally put on a new yoga YouTube video, and end up skipping half the poses because you feel like there's no way your body will thank you for the way you're being told to practice a pose.

Or being so excited to try a new yoga journey or meditation challenge, but never finishing it because the yoga feels to fast or hard or the meditation feels like just another thing that you can't seem to "get".

Or maybe you've been exploring the idea of creating a new yoga & self-care practice, but can't seem to stick to anything, because you are looking to others for examples and nothing quite seems to feel right.

Image by Zhen Hu

You are perfect exactly the way you are.

For you, connection, presence, & ease

are essential to your being.


Creating a yoga & self-care practice that supports

the beautiful being that you are

is not about changing who you are to

fit into others' ideas of how you should care for yourself,

but instead changing the tools & practices

to fit & support who you already are.



...the curvy or bigger-bodied soul who loves the idea of yoga & lights up at the thought of having a yoga practice, but who has often struggled to feel supported in a yoga class, and is looking for ways to know how to adjust & modify specific poses to help support your beautiful body.

...the highly-sensitive soul who sees so much potential & beauty in the yoga practice, but has felt alienated or overwhelmed by the need to always go to a studio or watch a random YouTube video, and instead is in need of a slower and more gentle approach to creating a practice that suits their energy levels and sensitive heart.

...the lower-mobility or healing from injury body who is seeking some guidance on how to adapt the practice to help support the way in which their body moves these days. 

...the new or busy mom who can't make it to the studio or even to livestream yoga classes, but would love to create a yoga practice that suits their new body, their own needs & schedule.

...the passionate creative who feels scattered or drained by the creative path, and is looking for an anchoring space to 


No more feeling overwhelmed, unwelcome, or defeated when it comes to your yoga, meditation, or self-care practices. 


We will work collaboratively to uncover the tools, practices, and space to create a yoga, meditation, or self-care practice that leaves you feeling like it's truly yours

Image by Ruston Jones

Create a practice where your soul feels at home.


Private Online Session


During the private, 60-minute session we will dive into what struggles, barriers, & questions you might be feeling around your yoga & self-care practice. That could range from finding the time, questions surrounding modifying specific poses, finding the right yoga or meditation style, or what has made you feel unwelcome in the yoga or self-care space. 

I will gently & lovingly offer my guidance & support by answering any and all questions you might have, and offer you concrete ways that you can begin to make shifts towards a more easeful yoga & self-care practice as soon as you're out of the session. 

Custom Yoga Video

From the supportive & collaborative conversations that we have during the session, you will have a custom yoga video created just for you. Using the pose variations & modifications we explored, the style that you desire, and the feel that you're looking to get from your yoga practice, this custom yoga video will be your first step towards truly creating & committing to a yoga practice that finally feels like your practice.


The length of the yoga video will be directly dictated by your scheduling needs -- it could be as short & sweet (15-30min) or as long & cozy (45-60min) as you need.

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