Plant the seeds of your dreams + intentions


Through the winter season, a deeper connection is created with your deeper self, your inner light. You learn what it means to nurture and take care. The definition of nurture is: care for and encourage the growth or development of something.  


Well, now it’s time to grow, darling. This is the time to plant the seeds of your dreams and desires. Begin to take small but impactful steps towards fostering more of what feels good in your life. 

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BLOOM is a nature-inspired experience that pulls directly from the symbolism that surrounds this time of year.
This is a powerful time to use the blossoming energy of Spring to plant the seeds of your dreams + welcome back a balance into your body, heart, and mind. 


At-Home Plant Kit

Find connection to the natural world around you with a plant kit sent directly to your home. Seeds are local to Ottawa + organic!

As you plant the seeds in your very own plant pot, you will symbolically plant the seeds of your intentions for the coming months. 

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BLOOM Journal

Let this journal be your space to discover what lies within your heart + create your heart's intention. 

You will be guided through prompts that will help you find balance between what you already have and what you desire in your life. 

Downloadable + Printable

Image by Annie Spratt
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Yoga Nidra to BLOOM

Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation practice where your physical body receives the healing benefits of total relaxation while your mind explores the impactful lessons of sub-conscious visualization. This is where the seeds begin to get planted.

This recording is yours to keep forever, for continued support on your journey of growth. 

LIVE Spring Equinox

Yoga Celebration

Let’s gather virtually to practice a balancing Hatha + Yin yoga and celebrate the Spring Equinox!

The spring equinox celebrates the balance of the sun + moon. The daylight is growing and this time is believed to hold a powerful energy of growth, creation, and inspiration.  

In this invigorating virtual yoga class you will cultivate the balance between the yin energy to stay grounded + connected and the yang energy to stay inspired + creative. 


LIVE Spring Equinox Yoga Class

Saturday, March 20

2PM to 3:30PM EST

Live Class will take place on Zoom.

Link will be sent to you via email. 

$60.00 CAD


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