The Winter Solstice marks the beginning of the winter season, where the world is still and the shimmers of new dreams and new life are humming underground. On this longest night of the year, the new year arrives and the days will begin to become longer -- there is hope + brightness to be found in that notion. 


You are invited to gather and celebrate the return of the sun through a cozy + relaxing yin yoga practice. Yin yoga is a beautiful practice to echo the stillness found all around you during this time of the year. This is going to be a simple, soft, and slow practice that wraps you up in the coziest cocoon. 

Pjs and hot chocolate are very much recommended during this class. ;)

My wish for you is to also use this time for you. Given this celebration falls around the Holidays, which can be filled with stress and pressure, I would encourage you to set some boundaries around this day and truly do what gives you rest, calm, and joy.

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Winter Solstice Digital Toolkit

Celebrating the Winter Solstice was my very first entry into the beautiful world of living seasonally. There are so many different ways to explore the traditions from years past, but to also create your own rituals.


Upon registration you will receive your very own digital toolkit with rituals, food, and crafts that you can explore in your own Winter Solstice celebration -- alone or with your friends and family!

The toolkit also contains details for the livestream gathering!


Traditionally, the Winter Solstice truly called for a celebration and a time to gather. For many of you in this community, we've had the pleasure of connecting in a variety of yoga classes and gatherings this past year. I absolutely love the conversations that we have before and after class, that in this gathering we'll really continue that beautiful connection.


At the beginning of the gathering we will connect, you will have an opportunity to share what you're looking to explore during your winter season, and we will simply enjoy each other's company. 

This solstice also honors the 1 year anniversary since Yoga with Carolynne's very first online yoga offering, so this is a very special day for this wonderful little community of ours.

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This day marks not only the longest night of the year, but this moment forward the days will become longer as you welcome back in the sun.

As a way to bring pause and ritual to this day, you will be guided through a relaxing 90-minute yin yoga practice that will help soothe the nervous system, embrace the cocooning to be found at this time, and use stillness as a practice to find comfort & ease.

You will receive class link on the morning of the gathering.


Tuesday, December 21, 2021

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Online [on Zoom]

You will receive the zoom link at noon on December 21.

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7PM to 9PM EST

$32 CAN

Payment options: Credit Card / PayPal / E-transfer