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for the sensitive, creative, & earth-loving soul

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somatic ritual to tend to, listen to

and restore your inner light

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Tune in to your magic, your desires, your inner light.

Through this seasonal gathering you will give space to tend to your body intuition,

listen to your dreams + intentions for the new year, and use the stillness of the newly arrived winter season

to restore your beautiful energy.

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In the livestream gathering


You will be guided through a somatic [embodied] practice filled with very gentle movements and mostly yin yoga stretches to honour the wisdom that lies within your body -- your intuitive-body.


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After tuning into your body-intuition, you will be guided through a magical

candle ritual to dream of and ponder on your intentions for the coming year.

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A guided walking meditation to help you get outside and soak up the magic of the seasonal transition. This audio recording will be filled with mostly soothing, winter-infused music, and minimal audio cues to help you stay present -- mostly it's just to add a soundtrack to your walk. Think more "walking soundtrack" then "strict guided meditation". 


A practical and magical digital pocketbook filled with rituals, crafts, and recipes to add to your seasonal celebration. If you've participated in winter solstice workshops in this community in the past, this is an updated edition of last year's toolkit. :)


Image by Federico Bottos

You will end the gathering by bringing the stillness found in the natural world inside your body through a restorative, renewing, and restful final relaxation.

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It's no accident that Winter is sometimes referred to as the most magical time of the year. Just think of it, the sparkle of the snow under the light of the moon, the "catch your breath" type of silence in the forest, and the influx of love, care, and gathering in community that this time brings. It can send tingles down your spine and a soft smile across your face just to think about it. 

Yet, there's the inevitable stuff that comes along with this time, right? The pressure to consume, the over-giving of yourself and your time, other people's expectation to meet and uphold, the navigation of challenging family relationships, or the feeling of there not being enough time to "fit it all in".


It doesn't have to be this way -- your intuition can be a truly incredible tool to help you stay true to yourself at all times.

There's also the beautiful reality that as the sensitive and caring soul that you are, that it's most likely you're the one who's holding space for a lot of other people's experiences during this time of the year.

Maybe you're the one hosting all the parties,

the one facilitating other winter solstice gatherings,

the one who's been taking care of the family all year,

or the one who's got a business that has high demands at this time of the year. 


You're the one who gives a lot,

a lot of the time.


The winter solstice marks not only the longest night of the year, but it also marks the beginning of the return of the sun, the return of the light. It is my belief that this is a time to tap back into your inner light -- your magic.

As you're moving around listening to and caring for everyone else, please consider this winter solstice gathering your time to listen to and care for yourself -- to be taken care of. Your inner light, your intuition, is the very thing the natural world is inviting you to tap into to, and it's also the very thing that can help you walk through this time with ease, self-trust, and a beautiful dose of grace.


Please consider this gathering your gift to yourself.

I know that you know this practice, this practice of tending to your body-intuition and honouring the seasons,

but allow this mini-retreat to be a space

not facilitated by you,

but for you.

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A somatic ritual for the sensitive, creative, and earth-loving soul

Livestream Practice [on ZOOM]

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

7PM - 8:30PM EST 

$55 CAD

Upon registration you will receive an automatic email receipt.

24 hours before the gathering, you will be emailed:

- the Zoom link for the live practice

- the bonus materials


Image by Ray Hennessy