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The Summer Solstice marks the first day of Summer! This sacred day is a peak of sorts, a celebration and opportunity to cultivate gratitude for all that you've navigated + created up until this point in the year, and an opening of the door into the playful energy of the upcoming season.

The entirety of Summer is a time of cultivating joy, letting our inner child play, and nurturing the seeds we've planted over the Spring season so they can blossom. As the season goes by, there will be different plants and flowers that will open themselves up to the world, and as they blossom, so will you!

In my experience, as a sensitive, creative, and earth-loving soul, the Summer season (while exciting and beautiful) can also be very overwhelming. It's bright, it's boisterous, and quite full. There can be a feeling of having to do all of the things, make all of the plans, and soak up the season for all it's worth. There's the potential of burning out or feeling like it's all a bit too much.

This offering is our way of giving you the space to soak up this season, while doing it in a nourishing, supportive, and nurturing way -- with the hopes of being able to tend to any uncomfortable sensations or emotions that come up this season, with care + love. 


Consider Blossom to be your little summer survival kit, filled with resources and practices to lean into the energy of the Summer season by creating a nourishing space for your own blossomings this Summer.

This is a very special offering, because one of the humans that has helped and supported my own business and creative self in more ways than I can put to words has put together an incredibly beautiful resource for you. Scroll down to explore all that Blossom has to offer you, as well to learn more about your guides.

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A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it.

It just blooms.


In order to add some supportive longevity to this offering, and to honor the fact that the best way to enjoy this season is to be outside, this workshop has been put together with that in mind. There are some live as well as recorded/self-guided components. All participants will have access to the livestream class recording, whether you can attend live or not. This workshop will be available for purchase all throughout the season.


Yoga is a beautiful practice to help bring loving presence to not only the change of the season, but also to how you are feeling within this transition.


In this 90-minute cozy & accessible yoga class recording you will be guided through very gentle movement and yin-inspired stillness to help cultivate joy, play, and nourishment to your whole self.

It was really a treat teaching this class, and the live participants only had good things to say about it -- we're sure you'll love it!

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Creativity heals us— it transmutes energy, opens the heart, broadens horizons, shifts perspectives and fosters connection. It brings us home. It does not aim to take us to polished and curated places— rather, it reminds us of the forgotten corners inside ourselves. Making space for creativity in our life opens up more space to breathe and to be, to process and express, and to give all parts of ourselves a chance to feel seen, felt, and heard.


This season, Pascale Côté guides us through the creative process within and without, so we can reconnect and create space for our inner artist to play. 


Her joy-filled workshop includes:

  • A walking meditation to connect with the creative essence that lives within each and every one of us

  • A playful journaling session to explore and nourish your relationship with your creative self

  • A guided practice to design your own creative playground— a space to explore, play and experiment

  • A creative activity (make your own flower paper!) to infuse your creative space with the energy you wish to cultivate this summer

This workshop is pre-recorded, in order to give you the flexibility to come back to it as often as you need this Summer. You will gain access to it right away.


When we both spoke about Blossom, Pascale asked me: "What feeling are we looking to infuse into this offering?"


My answer was: supported and inspired.

This playbook is your trusty little resource in the hopes to feel just that this season.


It's filled with gentle notes on how to navigate + celebrate the Summer Solstice, ways to play with flowers through essences, recipes, and crafts, a tarot card spread to connect with your Summer intention, and supportive yoga + meditation practices you can come back to at any time you would appreciate the support.




If you've landed on this page, then you've most likely already practiced yoga with me (Carolynne) -- or at least have gotten to know me through one of my free offerings online.


You know that I'm passionate about offering sensitive, creative, and earth-loving souls cozy and accessible yoga practices in order to create a collaborative relationship with your body in order to live a life filled with less doing, and more being.


The wisdom and energies found in the cyclical nature of the seasons, the moon, and our internal rhythms, are infused in every one of the practices + offerings you'll enjoy with me.

Well... if you appreciate my ability to create sacred containers within which you feel safe and held while you explore the many facets and wisdom found within the beautiful you that you are... then you're going to love Pascale Côté.

Pascale is a coach for artists and creative minds— she guides them to soften their mind, find focus and navigate their rebellious path with more calm, so they can become empowered artists, conscious creators and inspiring changemakers. She’s also a loyal Yoga With Carolynne community member— you’ll find her in the Yin Yang yoga classes every Friday.

Her calming, nurturing, and loving energy is invaluable to those on the creative-curious path. To give you a bit of context, I'd encourage you to watch the video below, where we talk more about how we met, and how you can expected to be gently guided by her in this offering.

Please visit her website, Dear Creative Mind!

It was such a pleasure to blend our passion and love for all things creativity and self-care in putting together Blossom for you. We truly hope that this offering serves and supports your blossoming this Summer. 



Upon purchase, you will immediately gain access to a downloadable document containing the link to the Blossom Portal. This online space contains all the Blossom components -- we suggest you start with the Welcome Video and the yoga practice, and then work you way through at your own pace.

Investment: $77 CAD