Ways to celebrate Beltane

Beltane is the fourth celebration on the Wheel of the Year, and it takes place on May 1.

When I shared with you last week that this is a creative and sexy time, it's in great part due to the welcoming of Beltane, the mid-Spring celebration. This day marks the real peak of Spring. On the Spring Equinox the season was just beginning, with the trees still quite bear, the snow melting, the plants still underground, and the brown mud everywhere. However, now, you might have begun to truly notice the Spring energy around you in your garden or on your walks these days. I saw my first glimpse of Spring wildflowers in the forest near my house, and I literally squealed lol! Some of the birds are flying around with branches in their mouths, building nests for their eventual young, and some other birds are at the tops of trees singing their beautiful hearts out looking for love! (Okay, I know it's not love, but you know what I mean 😉 ) The butterflies are beginning to emerge, the spring peepers are waking up, the buds are piercing through the branche tips, and the days are longer and warmer.

The fertility, life, hope, and abundance is seen all around you! This time is a veritable pleasure-filled experience for the senses. The smells, sounds, and abundance of colours popping up around you are asking you to pay attention, feel your place within all of it, and feel your alive-ness. This celebration is very much associated with fertility and fire. The same as the chakras we are exploring these two weeks, focusing on sensuality + your inner fire -- it's all just an invitation to feel yourself wake-up. So, if Ostara was a time of planting seeds of your dreams + intentions, Beltane is an invitation to commit to these seeds with grounded action, confidence, and an open-heart. This is a potent time of manifestation & growth. A time where if you've been wanting to take steps towards something new and different in your life, mama Earth is by your side, holding your hand in encouragement and gently whispering in your ear "you can do this, I believe in you." 💚

If you're reading these words, and really resonating with this energy, then amazing! This letter is your space to explore different rituals and practices to help celebrate and lean into the energies of Beltane. However, if you're feeling disconnected with this energy, that's okay too! It's really normal to be walking through a different internal season than the one happening around you. Maybe you're feeling a heaviness or slow-ness in your body, that needs tending to. If that's the case, maybe you would benefit from the fire-y energy of this time to help balance out that energy or maybe you would benefit from some more coziness -- here's a practice that might help, as we walk through a new moon today (and a solar eclipse -- so much happening at this time! lol)

So, if you've been here for a little while, you know that I love to share different ways in which you can celebrate the Wheel of the Year celebrations, and to remind you that there are no "shoulds" around your earth-based self-care rituals. If you're new here: welcome to your first taste of celebrating the change of the seasons! Below you will find some resources on how you might celebrate, connect with, and pay attention to the energies of Beltane.

Celebrating Beltane

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Dandelion Shortbread Cookies

Dandelions are one of the first flowers to pop-up in the Spring, and they're joyful pop of yellow are just beckoning to be paid attention to. For some super unfortunate and odd reason, we've been told to believe that dandelions are bad, useless, and to be gotten rid of. Yet, they are really remarkable little plants. They are resilient and highly nutritious -- and the flowers themselves are delicious! Above is a recipe to make dandelion shortbread. I will admit I have yet to make this recipe, because the dandelions in my yard aren't quiiite ready yet, but I will keep you posted over on Instagram once a batch has been made in my kitchen. :)

Have a bonfire

As mentioned above, this celebration has a history of being a fire festival, so what better way to celebrate this time with a cozy fire with friends or family. If you can't light a fire where you are, you could simply find your favourite candle, and have a candlelit dinner.

Bath ritual

With this fertile and sensual celebration, this can be a beautiful invitation to tend to your own sensuality. We did some of that in this past week's practices, but I know for myself a warm oil-filled, candle-accompanied, gentle low-fi assisted bath is just what I need to calm down, and open up my senses.

Beltane Podcast episode

I've shared this podcast in this space before, because I think Kate and Kristin do a wonderful job of offering a wide variety of rituals and history behind each seasonal celebration. I'd invite you to pop your headphones in, and go for a walk outside while listening to their Beltane episode.

Craft & Stretch Gathering

To help support your creative energy this Beltane, I'd love to welcome you into the sacred container of the Spring edition of the Craft & Stretch Gathering. The Winter edition was such a hit, we raised over $300 (!!!) for the charity, and many of you reached out to me after the gathering voicing how much fun it was. So, if you've got a creative project you'd like to take some steps towards or you're just looking to hang out with others tending to their physical + creative self, than please register for the next gathering.


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