❤️ [Root Chakra] Finding safety + support

Last week, we explored and welcomed in the element of balance, all that that encompasses. It was an invitation to approach this season of creativity and newness with more spaciousness & reciprocity. Finding a beautiful balance between give and take, creating and observing, and doing and being. Again, balance isn't really something that needs to be achieved or an end destination to find, but it can be a beautiful way to approach a way of being.

This study of balance has directly influenced the journey we are about to embark on for the next 7 weeks in this community, A Self-Care Journey Through the Chakras. In my own life, yoga practice, and self-care journey I've been exploring how to live more in alignment with the external seasons while also honouring and listening to my internal cycles and seasons. It's all a blend of different swirling energies, opportunities to give different parts of myself and the world around me different levels of attention and care depending on what is needed, felt, and seen -- knowing the value of balance between all different parts of self, and that one part isn't better than the other, they all just need attention at different times. The same can be said for the creativity that can be found at this time, this Spring. Yes, this is a time to create, plant the seeds, and explore new and different things, but to do that every day, all the time, no matter how hopeful the rising energy of Spring may be, is unrealistic and unsustainable.

So, this brings us to the chakras. Your energetic chakra system can be a really supportive internal path to walk along as you explore not only this season but just life in general. Now, you may already be familiar with what chakras are, or you may be very new to them -- I'm not going to spend too long explaining what they are as a whole, because we could be here for hours. I also strongly believe in the power of embodying and exploring something for yourself to learn more about it, instead of always approaching a new lesson through intellectually taking in information, there's a depth to the relationship that can be created through personal experience & curiosity.

So, in plain terms, your chakras are energetic centers found along the length of your body, starting from the base of your spine, up to the top of your head (with a little wiggle room up and down in your body, as you'll learn more along the journey). The benefit of cultivating balance throughout your chakras is to give all energetic centers in your body attention, care, and love. Sometimes you'll read things like, "balancing your chakras creates harmony for energy to flow in your body." which sounds great, but can also sound incredibly out there and inconclusive. Essentially it's giving all parts of yourself the attention it deserves, in order to cultivate a deeper and more collaborative relationship with yourself.

The reason why I think this is such a beautiful approach to creating and being, is that we can't be doing all the things, all the time. Things take time, different areas need less or more attention, and we can't be "on" all the time. So, by slowly journeying through the chakras one by one, you can take a more spacious approach to getting anything done. The thing that prompted this journey was a commitment I made to myself a few months ago to walk through the brighter seasons (that for myself can get very overwhelming) in a way that was slower, more mindful, and with more space for all the parts of myself. I began focusing on one chakra a day, and found the effects in my self, my schedule, and my work to be really impactful. There's so much to explore here, and we'll take it one week at a time, and again, my focus will be a lot less on teaching you all about the chakras, and more on simply creating yoga practices, containers, within which you can explore their energies for yourself.

Okay, so, let's start at the beginning, shall we?

Root Chakra

Your root chakra, muladhara, is located at the very base of your spine, and also includes your legs & feet, bones and circulatory system -- the structure of your body. Its colour is red and its element is earth. This chakra is the seat of your sense of safety, sense of self, and support. If you don't feel safe & supported, there is much that can't be attained. It is important to focus on this chakra at the beginning of any journey, in order to create a supportive & nurturing foundation.

So, this week, in the livestream and online classes you will be invited to explore how you might find support, nourishment, and safety. The same support all the tiny little plants that are peaking out of the ground are finding in their roots deep in the ground; you are safe & supported.

This week on YouTube -- In this practice you will be guided through a cozy, gentle, and accessible yoga practice to help support and give attention to your root chakra, the seat of your sense of self, stability, safety, and support. Physically you will bring attention to your feet, your legs, and your hips.

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