Emerge out of your cocoon at your own pace.

The natural world is re-awakening. The first flowers are emerging from the ground, the buds are blossoming on the trees above, and the life scurrying in the forest is fertile and fresh, and so are you.

As a sensitive-soul, you flourish within living cyclically and in line with the energies found within the seasons. There's a flow and ease found within embracing the seasonal energies instead of pushing against them. This season is a time to plant the seeds of your winter dreams, to explore your creative and passionate self, and to give yourself permission to emerge out of your cocoon at your own pace.

Growth, yes, can be filled with struggle and uncertainty, yet it can also be filled with beauty, ease, and a lot of room for you to take your time. With this season [possibly] being very action-oriented, my hope is that these weekly practices become your safe and grounding space to come back to regularly amidst all the beautiful blossoming, growing, and creating that you find yourself doing this season.


In these weekly practices, you will root into tools + self-care practices that help you along the way. You will nourish your entire being on a regular basis. You will hold space for the emergence of the beautiful you that awakens into this new season.

Each weekly class found below is offered as a series or you can drop-in when it suits your schedule. Practicing yoga in a series is a beautiful way to explore the ritual found in stepping onto your mat in a consistent way. Each and every class is cozy + accessible. You are welcome exactly as you are -- there will be many modifications and variations for you to learn how to support your own beautiful body.

Every week you will receive a detailed email outlining the class theme [each theme leans into the energy of the current season], the link to the video library, an optional accompanying playlist that I update on a regular basis, and any props you might need. If you have any questions, please email me:

Please note that the series pricing is only available at the very beginning of the series, and is offered to any late-comers at a prorated amount, two weeks into the season. After that point, to honor those who commited to the entire series, you can drop-in to any class you'd like, at the drop-in price.

Image by Aaron Burden
The Butterfly and the Cocoon A man found a cocoon of a butterfly. One day a small opening
Image by Priscilla Du Preez


As a student of a series, you gain access to a video library containing all the weekly class recordings. This library will be updated as the recordings become available, and you will have access to this library during the entire ten weeks.

Missed a class?

No, problem, you can head over to the Cocoon Library and practice the recording on your own time.

Really loved a class?

You can come back to it again and again in order to further explore the lesson.

The link to the library will be shared with you during Week One of your yoga series.


You can purchase access to only the video library!

This is a brand new resource, offered on a sliding scale, as a way of offering a bit more flexibility & accessibility to your yoga journey this Spring. :)




Through the gentle movement and strengthening of the hatha yoga practice, you will find comfort in the intention it will bring to your week. This class is for the student who benefits from movement to help get you out of your head and into your body. 

Tuesdays | 5:30PM to 6:30PM EST

Runs from April 5 to June 7

Zoom Livestream

You will receive the class and video library links the morning of each class.

Drop-in: $18 CAN


This class aims to bring softness, spaciousness, and ease to your morning (or afternoon/evening if you're practicing from another part of the world!). Consider this class a yin-inspired class that flows as the energy of the season does. Some weeks we'll move a bit more, and some weeks we'll enjoy more stillness. There will be opportunity to explore meditation, pranayama, and somatic movement in this class.

Wednesdays | 8AM to 9AM EST

Runs from April 6 to June 8

Zoom Livestream

You will receive the class and video library links the morning of each class.

Drop-in: $18 CAN


YIN Yoga

The deeply relaxing style of the yin yoga practice helps truly embrace the energy of softening, cocooning, and being. In this class, you will be gently guided through poses that are held for prolonged periods of time in order to elicit deep stretch and soothe the nervous system. This is the coziest class of them all, truly embracing stillness. 

Thursdays | 7:00PM to 8:00PM EST

Runs from April 7 to June 9

Zoom Livestream

You will receive the class and video library links the morning of each class.

Drop-in: $18 CAN


This class offers a balance between flow + stretch with a combination of Hatha and Yin yoga. Enjoy the benefits of strengthening and stretching your body in a single class.


This daytime class is a beautiful way to complement an at-home schedule,and wind down at the end of the week. This class is for the student who benefits from a balancing practice that focuses on the entire body from flow to stretch. 

Fridays | 1:00PM to 2:00PM EST

Runs from April 8 to June 10

Zoom Livestream

You will receive the class and video library links the morning of each class.

Drop-in: $18 CAN



In the hopes to continue dismantling the overarching separation that we see in our society, I am committed to make this practice as accessible as I can, and to continue to learn what I can do as a teacher to unlearn the conditioning that is so prevalent. Please see below for options you can explore to continue accessing these practices as well as what we are doing as a community to give back to those who need support.

Free Offerings to LGBTQIA2S+ & BIPOC Individuals 

If you fall within any of those communities, please reach out to me, and you will receive access to any of my offerings for free.

Low Income

Yoga & self-care is not exclusive only to those who can afford it. This community is truly for everyone. If you are feeling inclined to practice in any of my offerings, but feel financially tight at this moment, please reach out to me, and you will be offered a price that we will establish together, in order to allow you to participate and feel supported.

Contact Carolynne

Thank you -- I will get back to you as soon as possible. :)


Yoga is social justice. Yoga is unity + care.


As a way of living yoga on and off the mat, Yoga with Carolynne regularly donates proceeds from investment that you make in this business and in yourself, to a variety of organizations that are doing good in the world.


Charities we've donated to: