Mmmm, Autumn. After gliding through the Summer season, this season is a well deserved invitation to come back to the ground -- back to yourself. It's an invitation to slow down, to savour the last full bounty of harvest (in the natural world and in our lives), to create more space, to come back to what nourishes you, and to shed what no longer fits the new you that emerged in the past few seasons.

Your yoga + self-care practices are beautiful anchors at this point in time, because they will become oh-so-helpful during the darker seasons to come. So, this is a beautiful time to really dedicate yourself to these practices. Self-care isn't just about doing stuff that feels indulgent -- it's about carving out time to tune in, sooth your nervous system, honor your needs, be cared for, and give space for the many layers of yourSelf to just BE.

Consider these practices YOUR time. It can be easy to leave self-care as the last thing on the to-do list, but I truly believe that this season is nature's invitation to finally put self-care at the very top of your list. You are worthy and deserving of this time.

Discover the magic that comes from practicing self-care, in community, from the comfort of your own home. In these livestream yoga + self-care practices you will be guided through cozy and accessible yoga, nourishing somatic movement, relaxing stretching, and sacred rituals to help you walk through this season feeling grounded and oh-so-cozy.

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This season runs for 10 weeks from the weeks of September 26 to November 28.


Every class is cozy + accessible. You are welcome exactly as you are -- there will be many modifications and variations for you to learn how to support your own beautiful body.

All classes take place on ZOOM. On the day of the class, you receive a detailed email containing the access link, an optional playlist, any props required, and words on the class theme. 10 minutes before the class starts, the zoom meeting is open for you to come in and get settled.

If you have any questions, please email me:

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SHIFT Series

Tuesdays | 5:30PM to 6:30PM EST

Runs from September 27 to December 6

(no class on Oct 11, so we will extend by one week)

Movement has a really magical way of creating a shift -- shift in energy, shift in mindset, or shift in emotion.


That's where this practice comes in. This class is for the student who benefits from movement to help get you out of your head and into your body. 


This practice isn't about powerful strengthening, finding perfect alignment, or moving through unique flows -- this practice is about simply using the practice of moving your body, in order to create a SHIFT. The movements will consist of hatha yoga asana and somatic & intuitively-led exploration, with lots of options and modifications along the way. Some weeks the movement might be bigger, some weeks it might be more gentle -- but be sure that you will leave having awakened your body, shifted your mind, nourished your heart, and refreshed your whole self.


Thursdays | 7:00PM to 8:00PM EST

Runs from September 29 to December 1

Soften your grip on control. 

Soften your expectations. 

Soften your physical body in order to soften your heart and mind.

To soften is to make or become less hard, and I think we all need a lot more of that in our lives. 


That's what you will embody in this class. You will be gently guided through poses that are held for prolonged periods of time in order to elicit deep stretch and soothe the nervous system. Through the still and deeply relaxing style of yin and restorative yoga, you will truly embrace the energy of surrendering, allowing, and being

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Wednesdays | 8AM to 9AM EST

Runs from September 28 to November 30

Fridays | 1:00PM to 2:00PM EST

Runs from September 30 to December 2

This is a practice of exploring balance as the verb, and less the static nature of the noun -- explore the practice of tuning into your internal landscape, and offer yourself whatever you might need within the sacred container of self-care. Just as the element of water has days of turbulent waves and crystal calm -- you too ebb and flow. Let's explore it together.


In this practice you will be guided through somatic [embodied] yoga and intuitively-led movements, nourishing moments of stillness and stretch, guided meditation, breathing exercises, and a TON of gentleness, in order to cultivate a balance between all the many layers of you.

If you're looking for a class that explores a nourishing balance between movement and stillness, with a good dose of gentleness and care, this practice is for you. 


This class is really me offering you a practice that is very similar to my own at-home practice, so it's really special to me, and is very fluid. The "why" behind this practice is to give you space to really and truly tune into YOU. I'm less of a guide, and more of a space holder as you explore what your body, mind, and heart needs within the context of self-care. 

LUNAR Series

Tuesdays | 7:00PM to 7:30PM EST

Runs from September 27 to December 6

(no class on Oct 11, so we will extend by one week)

Just as the moonflower, who blooms under the soft light of the moon, you too are worthy of a soft light under which you can allow yourself to thrive. In this magical ritual you will explore the connection and space that is possible to be found within and outside of you when you turn to the gentle guidance of moon to help support you through your life. At least in my experience, the moon offers a real comfort to those who identify as sensitive, creative, and earth-loving -- she leaves you room to really tap into your authenticity.


Ritual doesn't have to be long and complicated for it to be impactful -- this weekly practice will be 30 min in length, be themed around which phase of the moon we find ourselves in on that given day, and consist of one single [very gentle] yin yoga pose, grounding meditation, and guided journaling to help you listen to the lunar wisdom.

The impact and magic of a ritual is repetitive in nature, so this practice is only offered as a series. 

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Image by Olesia Bahrii


As a student of a series, you gain access to a video library containing all the weekly class recordings. This library will be updated as the recordings become available, and you will have access to this library during the entire ten weeks.

Missed a class?

No, problem, you can head over to the Yoga Video Library and practice the recording on your own time.

Really loved a class?

You can come back to it again and again in order to further explore the lesson.

Can't make it to any of the live classes?

Under the series pricing, the classes are $13 each -- that's about $15 less than the industry average.

If you're considering participating, I'd encourage you to register for whichever series is speaking to you, and you can enjoy the class recordings on your time and at your own pace.

The link to the library will be shared with you during Week One of your yoga series.


In the hopes to continue dismantling the overarching separation that we see in our society, I am committed to make this practice as accessible as I can, and to continue to learn what I can do as a teacher to unlearn the conditioning that is so prevalent. Please see below for options you can explore to continue accessing these practices as well as what we are doing as a community to give back to those who need support.

Free Offerings to LGBTQIA2S+ & BIPOC Individuals 

If you fall within any of those communities, please reach out to me, and you will receive access to any of my offerings for free.

Low Income

Yoga & self-care is not exclusive only to those who can afford it. This community is truly for everyone. If you are feeling inclined to practice in any of my offerings, but feel financially tight at this moment, please reach out to me, and you will be offered a price that we will establish together, in order to allow you to participate and feel supported.

Contact Carolynne

Thank you -- I will get back to you as soon as possible. :)


Yoga is social justice. Yoga is unity + care.


As a way of living yoga on and off the mat, Yoga with Carolynne regularly donates proceeds from investment that you make in this business and in yourself, to a variety of organizations that are doing good in the world.


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