In this space you will find random tid bits of resources + information that I have put together over the years for my students who are looking for different ways to support and modify their practices. 


Random Tips:


  • Self massage of feet and yoga foot strengthening postures.

  • Putting a plastic bottle in the freezer to roll the foot on can alleviate pain. 

  • Stretch those tendons using a tennis ball, a hard roller, massage and ice. 

  • Keep a tennis ball on a towel next to your mat, and rub your feet on it to relieve some of the cramping.

  • Adding rhythm to a pose, rather than having it be static (like gentle rocking in a pose, etc.)

  • Consciously standing with good posture, spreading your toes, & making sure your body is distributed over my full foot (ie, not collapsing in) just during the day washing dishes, cooking, vacuuming, etc. 


Helpful exercises:


  • Practicing this seated in a chair: foot and ankle warmup including self massaging the feet, twisting them, scrunching and stretching, get the feet super warm. 

  • Raising and lowering the 3 middle toes. Both stretches and straightens the underside of foot, especially for plantar fasciitis. You basically plant the big toe and little toe and just raise and lower the 3 middle one.

  • During warm up, lifting toes then scrunching them trying to wrinkle the mat. 

  • Spreading all toes wide until you can see the floor in between all the toes and then bringing then back close together