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We are ALL creative, and if you happen to also consider yourself a sensitive-soul, I'm sure that your creative practices are such a helpful support to your self-care journey of being the wonderful you that you are!

Many of the lessons and tools found in your yoga practice are the same that can help benefit your creative practice. Given they truly benefit each other, let's explore the magic that can happen when you intentionally blend the two within one container.


This online gathering is a way for you to tend to your craft-loving body, commit to your creativity, and do it with others who are on the same path.

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What to expect?

Upon arrival, you will be guided through 15 minutes of very gentle + accessible movement + stretches focusing on areas of the body that tend to get sore from crafting (neck, shoulders, wrists, hands). The yoga practice will be one that you can do on a chair, on your couch, or on a your yoga mat. 

After the stretch sesh, there will be 60 minutes allocated to making progress on a craft you've either got on the go these days, or that craft that you'd really like to work on but just haven't carved the time out to do. This time will be one where we can truly connect -- you're welcome to chat, ask questions if you're struggling with something, or share stories around what you love about your creative practices!

Some ideas on what you could explore..








or heck, maybe you just want to enjoy the yoga -- that's perfect too!


Please know that there are no "shoulds" in this space.

You are welcome to come, and work on a craft, or do nothing at all but hang out!


You are welcome to leave your microphone and camera on to chat with others, or leave both off and just take in the cozy vibes!


You are welcome to get interrupted, there be kids, dogs, or partners in the background, or come and go as you please -- This is a casual and "meet yourself where you're at" kind of gathering. :) 


The Spring Edition of the gathering is cancelled due to low interest.

Which I totally get, sometimes, it just doesn't work out! :)

The continual occurence of this gathering is based off of your interest and enthusiasm for this type of offering. If you'd like to participate in the next gathering, it's helpful for me to know when works for you! I will consider bringing this gathering back for the Summer, and if you'd like to join, please complete the survey below sharing your day + time preference.

Thank you!

Registration is donation based

Care & reciprocity is a big value in this community,

which has directly fueled the decision to implement a give-back intiative in this gathering.


Your participation in this gathering will give you an opportunity to donate to a charity that is doing good in the world. For each gathering a new charity is chosen for its impact on social or environmental positive growth.

100% of the proceeds will be donated to the charity. There is no minimum amount, and if you feel that at this time you can't financially justify any amount, please join us regardless. All are welcome. 

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