Hmmm, Autumn. After gliding through the Summer season, this season is a well deserved invitation to come back to the ground -- back to yourself. It's an invitation to slow down, to savour the last full bounty of harvest (in the natural world and in our lives), to create more space, to come back to what nourishes you, and to shed what no longer fits the new you that emerged in the past few seasons.

Your yoga + self-care practices are beautiful anchors at this point in time, because they will become oh-so-helpful during the darker seasons to come. So, this is a beautiful time to really dedicate yourself to these practices. Self-care isn't just about doing stuff that feels indulgent -- it's about carving out time to tune in, sooth your nervous system, honor your needs, be cared for, and give space for the many layers of yourSelf to just BE.

Consider these practices YOUR time. It can be easy to leave self-care as the last thing on the to-do list, but I truly believe that this season is nature's invitation to finally put self-care at the very top of your list. You are worthy and deserving of this time.

Discover the magic that comes from practicing self-care, in community, from the comfort of your own home. In these livestream yoga + self-care practices you will be guided through cozy and accessible yoga, nourishing somatic movement, relaxing stretching, and sacred rituals to help you walk through this season feeling grounded and oh-so-cozy.