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Tune into yourself by living life through the chakras

This offering is being put together slowly but surely.

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Your chakra system is a really intuitive lense within which to view the way you live your life. With a long history rooted in hinduism and buddhist traditions, they’ve long been used as a pathway towards living more in alignment within and outside of yourself. In this resource you will be guided through a variety of nurturing lessons & practices to help you find what chakra living might look like for you, through a holistic focus on living life as a highly-sensitive, creative, and earth-loving soul

This is specifically not only called a course, because it’s much more than that. You will absolutely be guided through lessons on what the chakras are and ways to cultivate balance within all of them. You will also, however, be invited to discover the value in turning to the chakras to guide how you schedule your weeks and self-care rituals. On top of that, you will be given access to an entire library of cozy + accessible yoga practices, meditations, and journal prompts in order to offer you a sacred container within which you can find your own ways of tuning into your own chakras.


Consider this a course, guide, resource, and your own personal

chakra living toolkit, all in one. 

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All waitlist members will be offered an exclusive discount once this offering becomes available.


As a sensitive, creative, and earth-loving soul myself, I know firsthand what it can feel like to be overwhelmed by external and internal stimulus, pressure, and expectations. It can all feel like a lot, a lot of the time. A lot to get done. A lot to process. A lot to feel. A lot to sift through. This resource has directly come from my own self-care practices in discovering the value in turning to the chakras to guide how I schedule my weeks filled with lots of space to be, how I make decisions with ease, how I find more time for flow and play, and much more. 

I’m not here to promise to you that you will find more spaciousness, ease, and flow in your life with this resource, because I’m not you, and I don’t know what you need – you do. Yet, I will say that living life through the chakras has, at least for me, been a really impactful tool to add to the many ways in which I learn how to care for myself. So, if any of this resonates with you, I’d be incredibly honored to be your guide along your self-care journey of living through the chakras.


Also, chakras are all about rainbows, and who doesn't love rainbows? ;) 

All waitlist members will be offered an exclusive discount once this offering becomes available.


The caring yet overwhelmed sensitive-soul, looking for more ways to stop ignoring their sensitivity and instead tune into it, listen to it, and embrace it

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The inspired yet staunted creative, looking for ways to take intentional steps surrounding their creative practices, ideas, and passions

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The passionate yet stressed-out perfectionist, looking for ways to find more balance surrounding getting things done with flow

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The curious yet disconnected earth-loving soul, looking for ways to feel more inclined to deepen their relationship with the natural world through their body


In this guide you will learn and gain access to:

  • What the chakras are (including where they’re located in your body, their associated colour and element, and it’s overarching energies)

  • What it means to find balance within your chakras

  • Crystals, foods, and mantras, and plants that can help deepen your relationship each chakra

  • Ways to infuse cyclical living and scheduling into your chakra living 

  • Access to Chakra Living Toolkit, which includes:

    • Cozy & accessible yoga practices (30 + 60 min)

    • Beginner-friendly meditation practices

    • Journal prompts to help deepen your relationship with each chakra

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All waitlist members will be offered an exclusive discount once this offering becomes available.


Yoga with Carolynne practices are always cozy and accessible. Multiple modifications & variations are offered in the practices, in order for you to modify the poses to fit your body, and lots of permission is offered to move at your own pace and listen to your needs.

Upon purchase (once the course becomes available), you will receive an email containing a digital document giving you access to the online library containing all the lessons, videos, and playbook. You will have access to this online library forever -- or as far as forever that this online community will still be in running. If the platform upon which the content is held changes, you will be notified to the email you provided upon purchase.

I acknowledge that I am offering this resource from the stolen land of the Anishinabewaki, Mohawk, and Algonquin people. I am grateful for their original caretaking of this land, and I continue to learn how I can be a better ally to the indigenous communities in this region. Anyone who identifies as from the BIPOC or LGBTQIA2S+ community, please email me to gain access to this offering at a 50% discount.


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In honour of this rainbow-inspired offering, I'm very pleased to share that 5% of this offering's earning will be donated to Rainbow Railroad, a non-for-profit organization helping those in the LGBTQIA2S+ community escape violence in their home countries. 

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